I thrive on relationships and creating connections with people. My passion has shifted from big corporate events to weddings, fundraisers, and smaller events. Less commercial. More personal.

Having grown up in a beach town on Lake Michigan whose primary economy is travel, tourism, and hospitality I lived and breathed the tourism industry. I pursued a Bachelors degree from Grand Valley State University in Hospitality and Tourism Management which led to a job in Southern California as a Corporate Meeting Planner for one of the largest private companies in America. I earned the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification in 2010. I eventually moved back to the Midwest for a professional opportunity and to help launch a Collaborative Design Hub in Grand Rapids, MI.

In late 2011, I stepped away from event planning and project management to follow the love of my life (so sappy, I know) back to the West Coast and to start a family. I dabbled in event planning through volunteer work and an occasional wedding here and there. And, now that my babies aren’t babies anymore, it’s time to jump back in to the industry.

Thriving under pressure, anticipating needs, dealing with change, preventing chaos, and solving mishaps are all in day’s work. Creating and executing a memorable, successful event, your event, is my mission.

I live Vancouver, WA with my husband.  We are raising two amazing “all boy” boys, a 90lb lab mix, and a very “catty” cat. Outside of event planning, I love cooking, girlfriend time, BSF, and exploring the great outdoors of the PNW.

I can’t wait to meet you and work with you to create your next outstanding event.

Amanda Day

P.S. Please tell me when we’ll start getting “normal” family photos.