Fan Mail

“You NEED Amanda Day in your life. Amanda is one of the most genuine and beautiful people in the wedding world that will change your entire event into the most amazing and special thing that has ever happened to you. Unfortunately my husband and I faced the COVID-19 pandemic while planning our wedding this September and there were so many changes and regulations we had to follow. I felt so lost. Meanwhile, I had hired Amanda prior to the pandemic and she kept the communication so clear, she kept me up-to-date with regulations, and even when I just needed someone to talk to about the stress that comes with being the bride she was so heartwarming. It’s crazy to me how a stranger can feel like someone you’ve known forever. Amanda made me feel comfortable every step of the way. There is so much behind the scenes that Amanda does for you! She is so organized and it’s so easy to communicate how do you want your wedding! Thank you Amanda Day events! We are forever grateful for you.❤️” -Aleesha (bride)

“Amanda was a dream come true! There are absolutely no words to describe how drastically her presence and involvement in my wedding changed everything. She is incredibly sweet, kind and truly devoted to being a part of her clients weddings. I never felt like she was a stranger. From the beginning to the end she was a friend. She’s worth every penny and as every bride says there are so many things they would do differently after their wedding and the thing that I would change is asking her to be a part of my wedding sooner. I’m so grateful for her and will forever remember her from my special day. Love you, Amanda!!!!”
-Mayra (bride)

“Amanda planned our day PERFECTLY. She helped coordinate even the smallest details and was there every step of the way. From our first meeting to the wedding day, Amanda was the answer to a perfect forever day.” -Breanna (bride)

“Amanda was simply awesome! We appreciated her creativity and patience especially with all the changes that happened sometimes on a daily basis due to Covid-19. She jumped in to do anything that needed to be done to make our daughter’s day so special! We hope to work with her again in the future for events at our winery.” -Angela (mother of the bride)

“Amanda was understanding of my desires and helped me achieve what I had dreamed of for a wedding. She was ready to step in and both quickly and creatively handle difficult circumstances. I knew I could rely on her for any little thing that I needed. Amanda is not only understanding and creative, but professional, visionary, and efficient.”
-Stephanie & Stan R.

“Amanda absolutely made our wedding an amazing success!  From the first meeting, Amanda was enthusiastic–which we think is why she’s such an amazing coordinator–and she was brimming with creative ideas we ended up incorporating into our wedding.  She took initiative when contacting and dealing with our vendors, which really made the last week before the wedding so much more manageable because we had Amanda to help us out and take charge of a lot of things.  On the day of the wedding, she was on top of absolutely everything and kept the whole show running smoothly with her enthusiasm and attention to detail.  Thanks to her, we were actually enjoy our own wedding!” -Stephanie & Alfred G.

“Great job with the Korean event. You hit it off with the staff extremely well. Thank you for all the hard work — it is truly appreciated. You cannot begin to imagine how comforting it is to know that there are now additional staff the Korean’s events work well with. That has been an extremely hard relationship to create. Thank you for preserving and enhancing it.” -Lisa B, Amway


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. You are the best, most
organized and efficient coordinator/planner I have ever met! I cannot tell you how much in awe I was of you of how organized you are! I’ve learned a lot from you as well the last two days.” – Hahn Lee, BWW, LLC.


“You were awesome and the program reflected all your attention to detail. It went very smoothly and you were amazing how you worked through the challenges.
-Meryl T., Amway

“I appreciate Amanda for the wonderful arrangements during my visit. What she has done for is now an unforgettable memory in my life.” -Seung-Ah, SON Amway Korea

“This year’s program was one of the most successful events since I’ve seen in my 10 years with the company.” -SH Kim, Amway Korea

“A big thanks for making the trip a success when we hit Los Angeles. The group was pretty tired and your arrangements got them really excited so 10 out of 10. Your role is always a hard one as it really only shows up when things go wrong! On a personal note, I  loved working with you and your humour (needed in this job). You’ve a lovely way about you as a person, which suits your demanding role. I hope I can return the hospitality in New Zealand at some time.” Simon Bennett, Amway New Zealand

“Amanda has a great personality and unbelievable professional skills. I look forward to working with her again soon.” – Alexey Yemelyanov, Amway Ukraine

“When I first met Amanda she quickly became one of my most favorite people. I really
enjoyed working with and getting to know her. She has a bright smile and warm spirit. She will do great things with any task given her.” -Aaron O., Amway Nutrilite